Farmers Union Mutual Insurance North Dakota Farmers Union began selling National Union Security Insurance in the 1930s when the Farmers Union Service Association was established. But in the early 1940s, North Dakota farmers were having an increasingly difficult time securing property insurance. In early 1944, North Dakota Farmers Union members attending a county officer’s conference were inspired to raise $15,000 among themselves to begin a new venture. Farmers Union Mutual Insurance was incorporated in March 1944 and was awarded a license from the state on April 3. As a mutual company, Farmers Union Mutual Insurance is owned and governed by its policyholders in much the same way that a cooperative is owned and operated by its members. Headquartered in Jamestown, N.D., Farmers Union Mutual Insurance delivers a wide variety of products to farmers, ranchers, homeowners and businesses across North Dakota. At the annual meeting, policyholders elect directors to oversee the company. Individual operating departments include claims, customer service and underwriting. Through the protection the company affords policyholders and its investment portfolio, Farmers Union Mutual Insurance is committed to North Dakota. It guarantees access to insurance coverage for rural and urban families. It also invests money back to North Dakota communities. The FUMI investment portfolio includes buying municipal bonds designed to assist communities and local government agencies with the ability to provide public assistance and services to residents of local communities and North Dakota. The municipal bonds help develop civic improvements, rural water systems and other projects.

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