The Leland Ranch was originally homesteaded by Melvins father, Tony, in 1911 on the edge of the Western North Dakota Badlands and bordering the Montana state line. Today, the ranch remains a family operation with Melvin and Luella Leland, together with son Todd and his family, Carla and Trey, representing over 107 years of continuous family ownership. Leland Red Angus manages our registered cowherd of 500 plus mother cows on dryland western range, much like a commercial operation, with the exception being a strictly regulated breeding program. We expect our cows to breed and calve unassisted on semi-arid range and travel across rough terrain on sound feet and legs while weaning a heavy calf in the fall. We do not believe in creep feedingthats the cows job. Cows winter graze as much as possible on native forage and are only supplemented as weather and conditions require.We utilize the breeds top genetics, whether from within our own herd or outside sources. We endorse science based technology using AI, DNA, and ultrasound to identify superior genetics. While measured data and EPDs are used, we also select for economic traits beyond the numbers such as disposition, fertility, foot and udder structure, survivability, fleshing ability and type. Due to limited labor resources, and to avoid artificial presentation, our pasture and bull pen become our show ring. At the end of the day, we want our customers to have confidence that Leland Red Angus Genetics are leading them in the most profitable direction. Our gate is always open for you to swing by the ranch and see our program firsthand.

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